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Discover the key to understanding behaviour, temperament, and personality with certified DISC profiling from Aspire Coaching Consultancy in Southsea, Hampshire. Our behaviour analysis offers a comprehensive overview of how people think, act, and interact.

Boost productivity in your organisation with a Talent Dynamics profile.

A Versatile Tool with Widespread Applications

DISC profiling has a number of uses, from improving business relationships to parenting. In your workplace, DISC can help you and your team gain self-knowledge and understand your motivation. It can also help you to identify the causes of stress, solve problems, and facilitate better teamwork. In the field of sales, you can identify with customers' styles and understand the disposition of people with whom you work.

At home, you can gain insight on family members and apply your enlightenment to people you know around you. We also profile children to help parents know how to approach a child with different personality types. By getting parents and children to work in a harmonious way, we prevent conflicts.

What is DISC?

The DISC profile is an assessment that is easy to take. It consists of a brief questionnaire, which results in a detailed report measuring four primary behavioural traits:

1. Dominance - How direct & outspoken a person may be.

2. Influence - How outgoing, talkative, optimistic, & people-orientated a person may be.

3. Steadiness - How much of a team player a person may be – measured by the level of consistency, maintenance of the status quo, peace-making, & level of patience.

4. Compliance or Conscientiousness - Attuned to the more logical aspect of one's personality – how methodical, perceptive, and detail-oriented one may be.

Receive Personalised Feedback

After you complete our simple, 10-minute online profile, we compile the results into a report and conduct a feedback session. When we produce your report, we offer a breakdown based on a number of goals, including:

  • Becoming a Leader – Not a Manager 
  • Increasing Influence, Work Productivity, & Communication
  • Helping to Build an Effective Team 
  • Avoiding Conflict
  • Gaining Commitment & Cooperation

Categorising Your Characteristics

Based on your results and your goals, your personal feedback includes the introduction of a graph analysis. This analysis measures multiple characteristics, such as:

  • Your Greatest Fears 
  • Your Management Style
  • The Type of Person That You Need to Work with You
  • Suggestions on How to Be More Effective
  • A Description of Your Desired Work Environment 
  • How You React to Changes in Your Environment 
  • What Happens to Your Personality When You Get Stressed

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